About Us

LAGOM, a Swedish lifestyle motto... A clear and determined stance on life...

Neither scant nor too much ! Perfectly accurate and in perfect shape.

Setting off from this motto, CELENES BY SWEDEN, inspired by Sweden's result-oriented skin care principle and the lush Scandinavian nature;

It is a natural and CLEAN cosmetics brand produced with a respectful approach to human health and nature combining the purest thermal water and herbal resources in its essence.


As aiming to deliver the reliable and proven effects of Sweden's natural herbal and thermal water resources to more consumers with the most affordable prices.
Because, as a customer-oriented brand, we always combine the most natural, highest quality ingredients, valuable plant extracts, oils and innovative cosmetic trends with special recipes for our product innovations.
Because we are always inspired by the insights, needs and demands of our valued consumers.
Because we are scientifically testing our R&D studies and product innovations.
Because we never compromise on naturalness, purity and quality. We dont use silicone, paraben, alcohol, nanoparticles, petrochemicals and colorants in any of our products.
Because while we bring together nearly 100 of Sweden's and the world's leading endemic plants with natural thermal waters and cosmetic science, behaving with consciousness of the responsibility for protecting of biodiversity
Because none of our products are tested on animals.